Why Choose Signature Greetings?

  • Little or no accounts receivable headaches - your services can be paid for up front.
  • Up to 75% profit on exclusive Signature Greetings follow-up programs.
  • Low inventory.  Our software automatically calculates the number of cards you will need in a time frame that you choose, so you will have very little or no inventory on hand.
  • As one of your vendors, should you choose to use us, Signature Greetings strives to offer the highest quality of cardstock for the lowest price possible.
  • Very low start up costs and operating capital needed with the potential for an excellent return on your investment.
  • This can be a Home Based Business if so desired - this means low overhead and tax advantages.
  • Flexible working hours - You choose to work part-time or full-time and when.
  • Ongoing Software Support and Business Mentoring to help you build a business that you can someday sell – Somewhat like owning your home vs. renting.
  • Signature Greetings is not a franchise or a multilevel marketing organization.




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